What Is Trump’s Trophy Hunting Plan


What Is Trump's Trophy Hunting Plan

Trump is considering allowing trophies back into the U.S. More endangered African elephants could be killed unless Congress acts! (634710 signatures on .
Save Elephants and Lions – Stop Trump's Trophy Hunting Plan Sign the petition: http://bit.ly/2oTnYjI From the.
The Trump Administration reversed a ban that allows for the expansion of sport hunting on some of the world's most beloved and imperiled animals: Africa's .
Trump just changed the law so hunters like his son — who like to kill animals for fun — can murder elephants and bring their heads home as trophies.. Let's build a massive global outcry to shame the US into dropping this disgusting plan, and .
SAY NO TO TRUMP'S ELEPHANT AND LION TROPHY HUNTING!. On Wednesday December 26, Japan announced that it plans to restart Commercial .

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